Services Offered

NetworkMonks are composed of certified installers that complies with industry standards.

  • Voice and data structured cabling supply and installation
  • Fiber Optic Cabling supply and installation ( backbone - within building, building to building, mile-wide city posts)
  • Server and network racks/cabinets supply and installation
  • Coaxial cabling supply and installation
  • Cable testing services for both UTP Cables and FoC
  • Supply and installation of CCTV structured cabling for analog and IP networks
  • Supply and installation of cable trays, conduits, and other roughing-in materials

Home Automation

We install top-of-the-line technology when it comes to home automation. We make sure that it is completely unobtrusive, secure and unobtrusive, while complementing the design of your home.

All systems are controlled from elegant panels from Android and iOS devices. It can take place in the home or from anywhere in the world. Contact us, and we will provide you tailor fit solutions for your home.

Other Services Offered

The team can also do electrical works as this is usually required by corporate data centers and server rooms

  • End-to-end electrical design, supply and installation for feeder lines to panel boards
  • Electrical supply and installation for UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), PDU’s (Power Distribution Units) on server and network racks
  • Electrical supply and installation of Power and Lighting

We also expanded in providing IT and Software services such as the following

  • Mobile App development
  • Frontend and Backend development
  • API development
  • Used Brands of Cable and Devices

    • Belden
    • DINTEK