About NetworkMonks

Technical Services

NetworkMonks are composed of certifed installers that complies with industry standards.
  • Voice and data structured cabling supply and installation
  • Fiber Optic Cabling supply and installation ( backbone - within building, building to building, mile-wide city posts)
  • Server and network racks/cabinets supply and installation
  • Coaxial cabling supply and installation
  • Cable testing services for both UTP Cables and FoC
  • Supply and installation of auxiliary devices such as CCTV, biometrics/DACS, smoke and fre detection systems
  • Supply and installation of cable trays, conduits, and other roughing-in materials

Other Services Offered

The team can also do electrical works as this is usually required by corporate data centers and server rooms
  • End-to-end electrical design, supply and installation for feeder lines to panel boards
  • Electrical supply and installation for UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), PDU’s (Power Distribution Units) on server and network racks
  • Electrical supply and installation on offce furniture (workstations)
  • Lighting supply and installation (ft-out related works)

Used Brands of Cable and Devices
(Certifed Installers)

  • Commscope – AMP NetConnect, Systemax
  • Panduit
  • Alantek
  • Belden
  • Dintek
  • Fiber-Rex


By following the standards defned in the TIA/EIA International Standards, NetworkMonks ensures that the set of rules and guidelines are followed in every project implementation.

To be able to deliver and complete a successful project, NetworkMonks uses a project management methodology that depends on systems/tools for proper tracking of tasks. The team of cable installers are overseen by an engineer and they are managed by a project manager. A regular meeting alignment with client are scheduled and documented accordingly.