Welcome to NetworkMonks

Who we are

NetworkMonks is an IT networking business that focuses on structured cabling, which provides connectivity, ranging from copper to fiber optic cables that interconnects data and voice equipment, offices, buildings and mile-wide cities.

NetworkMonks expanded its capabilities in implementing power and lighting projects as this is a part of the technical skills that this company can provide

Founded by EJ Magpayo, who started structured cabling as a hobby in his garage and later on proceeded to set up small internet shops and offces. Now, he manages a team and implements large scale networks. He has also successfully implemented IT projects, both in the private and government sectors, that are highly dependent on physical cabling in different industries such as education (universities), BPO, banking, retail and telecommunications.

While executing IT projects in the different industries, he noticed one thing. There are currently only a handful of structured cabling vendors who have the right knowledge and skills set in implementing such projects.

Combining his project management skills which he learned from corporations he worked with and the technical know-how in structured cabling from several years of experience, he decided to form a competent team who will bring their effective capabilities to help industries build their network in the most effcient way possible.

To realize his goal, he brought in 2 partners: Kevin Bitanga - a serial entrepreneur who has massive projects in building hotels, ft-out construction projects with well-known banks and telecommunications companies, and Armando Magpayo, Jr. - a veteran contractor who has 35 years experience in construction, specifcally in civil engineering, completing a vast range of projects and has the reputation for producing cost-effcient quality output and excellent interpersonal skills. Forming the team with these impressive talents and massive experience will provide the base in building the core values of NetworkMonks - a combination of commitment to the clients they will work with to build long lasting relationships and the reputation of doing top notch quality work and excellence in the feld of IT networking.